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If you’re new to fermentation, please check us out.  If you’re an expert, send us some information and a link to your website, so we can share the love!

This is a blog about rediscovering what our ancestors knew about food preservation and how to DIY (Do It Yourself).  Modern food and health professionals now agree that fermented foods are a major source of probiotics for a healthy biome.  In this blogsite, you’ll find some history, basic techniques, examples of equipment, some recipes, and a few links to other food sites we think are helpful.  We’ve also tried out a lot of equipment and we’ll share what we think about it, so you can decide what may work best for you.  Some of our gadgets are antiques, while others are hi-tech.  Personally, we like to keep it simple.  Even if you live in a small apartment and don’t have much counter space, you can ferment one jar at a time.

We hope you take the time to discover how easy it is to ferment your own foods, try it, and have a little fun along the way!

A Message From Our Ancestors

200 Year Old Sauerkraut Poem (from a 1953 Cook Book)

1753 Saurkraut Poem


Pasilla Chili Mash

Fresh chilis are hard to come by in the winter, so when your nearby grocer has some nice ones, grab them! Three pasilla chilis with some onion and cilantro fit perfectly into a 12 ounce canning jar. What a beautiful emerald color! I’m sure it will taste as delicious as it looks!

Impromptu Kraut Workshop

In early January, I was in Michigan and got a chance to see family and friends. Two of my favorite people wanted to learn how to make “small batch” sauerkraut, so we got together for some wine, cheese, and fennel kraut. Thanks Lisa & Deb – what a fun time! Fennel Kraut Recipe

Fennel Kraut

Fennel Kraut is a lighter, brighter version of sauerkraut with flavors of fennel and lemon. I’ve adapted Karen Diggs’ recipe from KrautSource.com and called it Fennel Kraut.


The Recipes in this Section

contain some original recipes – and links to other fermentation experts who make great products that we like.  Every recipe we post has been tried and taste-tested to make sure it works!

If you have trouble with a recipe, please Contact Us to ask for help.

Another great resource for trouble shooting can be found at the Ferment.Works website.  Kirsten and Christopher Shockey are great teachers and authors who have made many photos available for comparison.  (Thank You!)

About Us

About Us Fermentation Enthusiasts

Fermentation was one of our ancestors’ primary means of preserving food, besides dehydration.   Once refrigeration and canning were invented, many people moved away from fermented products, and modern diets changed dramatically.  Recent research on the biome and our symbiotic relationship with bacteria has sparked a rediscovery of fermentation as a way to better health.  Please join our journey to rediscover how easy, fun, and delicious it is to ferment your own foods!

Please feel free to use any of the recipes on this site.  They’ve been tested and used many times, but we can’t guarantee your individual results.  Our advice for best results is to use the freshest organic, non-GMO ingredients you can find.  If you have questions, please free to contact us, or use the troubleshooting links found at the bottom of this site’s pages.